Monday, May 01, 2006

If I like it, so should you, right?

I'm a pusher, I admit it. If I find something I like, I think you should like it too and will do my best to make sure you at least try it or are exposed to it in some way. So of course, when it comes to knitting, I do my best to "spread the disease" as much as possible. Cause if I'm going down, so are you! heHEHeHEHeHEHEHeheE

Most of my friends have at least tried knitting and if nothing else have ventured to a quality yarn store with me. Shawn, for example, visited Black Sheep in Encinitas with me. I wanted him to see that good yarn stores aren't your grandma's knitting store. True, he doesn't knit and I'm sure doesn't have any desire to, but he still walked around and touched all the different kinds of yarns. The ladies in the yarn store were also impressed with him. They said he gets extra points for that. They even mentioned him when I last visited the store. Apollo, on the other hand, would rather buy tampons than be caught dead in a yarn store. That's saying a lot!

Even Simba loves knitting. Well, scratch that. He loves yarn. Period. If I leave yarn around or any sort of knitted project laying around, he'll try to take over. That black strip he's laying on is the beginnings of a sweater.

I've pretty much forced my obsession onto most females I know. After watching me knit a few things, Jen bought some needles and yarn and made some scarves. Laura joined in after listening to Janet and I talk obsessively about it and is now making dog sweaters! (I'll never forget the first caterpillar Laura made.) Even Katrina got sucked in and knit up several scarves for Christmas presents. Aimee learned how to knit via email! She is now completing her first sweater...I am totally amazed.

I've tried pushing it on Faythe but since she's in Spokane, my powers over her are limited. Sure, she'll read blogs about knitting and even look at knitting patterns or will listen to me rant about knitting but that's about it. But I already have a plan. When I see her next, I can guarantee she'll be knitting and purling! Oh yes, she will. (On the other hand, I think it's worth mentioning that Faythe does crochet so she has her own yarn-obsession that she is dealing with.)

Meanwhile, I will continue spreading the disease, I mean, knitting to as many people as I can.

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