Friday, May 19, 2006

Beanie Palooza

I think Faythe really enjoyed her beanies. Now that she's seen it, I can post a photo!

There's a minor detail I need to work out, but I'm pretty happy with this simple beanie I whipped up. I hope it was the right size, I'm working out the fine details of how many stitches to cast on for different size hats.

Is this pattern masculine enough for men? I sorta think it's a winter hat. It makes me think of ski hats. Except, well, it's a beanie. Gotta love beanies! BEANIES BEANIES BEANIES!!


HanktheDog said...

Looks like fine work to me!

Brianna said...

It can be a manly beanie or a lady's beanie. Sorry I wasn't able to participate in the beanie fun. I had no time. I wish I could have seen the look on Faythe's face...LOL