Sunday, May 28, 2006

Apollo's hamburger

Apollo is the master of cooking meat, IMO. For example, I never liked meatloaf...hated it really. But then, I had Apollo's meatloaf. It was the best meatloaf I have ever had. Now, I only eat his meatloaf...nobody elses. Anyway, all of his meat dishes are absolutely delicious, it doesn't matter what it is. You can ask Faythe!

Sure, he may not have the faintest idea what to do with vegetables but that's OK.

Today Apollo grilled some two inch thick burgers. He mixed some sweet rellish into the hamburger and added some hydrated bacon bits - I've never heard of such a thing but I don't question Apollo. I'm pretty sure he knows what he's doing.

When I saw my burger, I instantly thought of Faythe. Girl, you missed out.

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