Wednesday, May 17, 2006

And then there were two

Well, I'll make this short and sweet. Tonight was Elliotts last night on American Idol. I don't remember the exact numbers but the votes for the three contestants was nearly evenly divided.

As you can see in the image, Elliott raised his fist, shook it and yelled out "GAH!" when Ryan gave him the news. Just kidding. :) That would have been pretty funny though.

Tonight I was struck by the pleasant personalities of each contestant as we visited their hometowns with them and went on little adventures. I wish we had seen something like this sooner in the show. But then, maybe people would have voted based on their personalities and not their singing.

The three seem close and very likeable people.

Oh, I forgot to mention something from last nights show. Last night Clive Davis was talking to Katherine and he mentioned something similar to, "When we record your album..." hmmmm

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