Wednesday, May 10, 2006

American Idol shocker!

I'm addicted to Lost so I usually only catch about the last five minutes of American Idol on Wednesday night. When I switched back to AI, Ryan had separated the four into two groups; Taylor and Elliot were the group with the highest amount of votes and Katharine and Chris were the group with the lowest.

I'm telling you, Katherine had this look on her face like she knew she was going home. (Geeze, look how tiny Ryan looks standing next to the two kids.) Ryan didn't prolong the pain, he just spit it out as if he couldn't believe what he was about to say and wanted to get it over with. Though I had already heard who was going to be voted off tonights show, I was still shocked when I heard him say, "Chris, you're going home."

Chris was stunned and froze with this look on his face. Even now when I look at him, I'm really sad for him. Hopefully he'll still get that record deal, I believe he has a promising voice. I wasn't able to catch a shot of Simon, but he look absolutely shocked. Paula covered her face with her hands.

The three others stood near by, Katherine wondering how she was able to make it through this one alive.

Chris regained composure as he talked to Ryan and the audience. I noticed Ryan kept turning his face to the side, like he didn't want to face the camera straight on.

Chris sang his last song as the credits were rolling. Simon, Paula and Randy all stood for him (OK, Simon sat down eventually, he's not one for showing emotions you know) and everyone screamed and clapped.

Now that Chris, Simon's choice, is gone it'll be interesting to see what happens next week. This changes everything!

Sorry the photos aren't the greatest. I have to catch the images while they're moving without a flash and a very old digital camera.


Katrina said...

Chris has been offered the positon of Lead singer for the group Fuel, taking over the position that Brett Scallion left in December of '05! I don't know if you know who they are, but they are a seriously established rock band. The song he did on Idol called "Hemmorhage", is their song!

aimee said...

I love Fuel!!! I think he would be great!!!! I was shocked that he was booted. Absolutely shocked.