Sunday, May 28, 2006

Prom time in the gaytto*

Yep. According to local news reports, it's quite normal for girls to spend $5000 alone on this one night. I asked Erv and he guessed he spent around $600 on the prom. This of course doesn't include the $400 grill he bought months ago.

Sorry, I haven't quite mastered the art of lighting when it comes to my brothas and sistas. But you can still see Lil' Erv's stylin looks, including lavender/purple alligator shoes, complimentary tie and shirt, and bling-bling jewelry.

*sigh* I do not understand the appeal of the grill. Doesn't this all originate from low income people not being able to afford tooth colored dentistry and getting caps or big silver fillings? I had a cap on a tooth when I was little. It was big and predated the grill. I guess I was hip before my time.

Check out his haircut. I'm sure there's a name for it. Someone is telling me it's imprint. I'm not that cool, I don't know what this kind of haircut is called.

Another angle for the ladies to drool over. heh! Oh, this angle shows the cool star carved in on this side. It wasn't until I saw the star that I understood (if you want to go that far) the star earrings. Is it just me or did Madonna wear something like this back in the 80's?

*gaytto - when the gay of Hillcrest merges with the ghetto, where regular people who cannot afford to live in the nice neighborhoods like Hillcrest go, the more raggedy and beat up part of town...yes, this is my neighborhood, the gaytto


Karyn said...

his eyebrows are also shaved/cut in areas. what's up with that????

rayleen said...

I don't know!! *shaking head* I guess that's a sign, when you don't understand why kids are doing what they're doing, you're officially a grown up.

Katrina said...

I believe that it used to be called a fade, but who knows what they call it now.