Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday night TV; people voted off or killed!

Tonight I was torn between Lost and American Idol. Because AI is a popularity show without any mystery, plot or story line, Lost won.

OK Faythe, before you start to hyperventilate and mutter to yourself, you should check out Aimee's review. We decided to work together on this so I could watch the other show. I think it's safe to say who was voted out, Paris. We all knew it was coming. I'm thinking that because she's 17, she has a lot of good years in front of her and hopefully someone will pick her up and give her a contract.

Now on to Lost. OH MY GOD! People were shot! People died! What a twist to the story! All this time we've been hemming and hawing on interesting twists and history about people in the show but THIS, THIS is something to talk about!

Michael was brought back to the hatch and after convincing his buddies that The Others could be easily overtaken, ends up shooting Anna Maria, the blond chick and himself! Obviously there's something going here with him and The Others. In next weeks preview we see Michael wearing a sling. I can't believe I have to wait a whole week just to find out what happened!! AAAH!!!


Katrina said...

I just kept screaming, "ohmygod, ohmygod" at the TV! What a great episode of LOST!

Faythe said...

Boy, between you and Aimee, you guys better be glad I'm not there to call you both Punk-Ass Beeeytoches on your lackluster AI reporting!!