Monday, May 08, 2006

Mt St Helens

Have you heard the latest about Mt St Helens? A 300 foot slab is growing out of the crater of the volcano. At four to five feet per day, this thing is gonna be monstrous! Geologist believe this slab is going to be part of the cone rebuild.

I haven't seen much seismic activity but who knows, we may see something in the future. If you're curious like me, check out the earthquake link for the pacific northwest in my column to the right. -->

The last time the volcano blew, we were in Texas. Grandma said she felt it and she's tucked away well into the Oregon coastal range. They also had ash too which is surprising. With the recent (as of 2004) magma sightings, I'll be keeping my eye on this bad girl!

Photos courtesy of the USGS.

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