Thursday, May 04, 2006

Celebrities in the News

Usually I read about my celebrity news on Faythe's blog. She knows where to get the good stuff and frankly, I'm lazy. Why should I put forth any effort looking around online when Faythe does it already and weens out all the good stuff for her blog? But since she is off to the UK and will have only intermittent access to the 'nets, I decided to go ahead and post a few tidbits here. I'll be updating this through the day but for starters....

Not one to stay out of the headlines for long, Anna Nicole is pregnant! According to news reports, the friend who impregnated her originally didn't want any part of the pregnancy but is now demanding money and access to the child.

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Faythe said...

WTF?? I can't believe she found someone who was willing to sleep with her! That poor kid (the baby)!