Thursday, May 04, 2006

Yesterday's news

Driving home from work yesterday, I was pleased at the lack of traffic. Well, there was traffic but nothing that made me go slower than 50 mph. But as I turned a bend I slowed to a near stop with all the other traffic as we all stared at a puff of black smoke ominously drifting into the atmosphere.

I was editor of the yearbook in highschool and of course also a photography nerd for the newspaper, so my first instinct whenever I see "stuff" is to take pictures and document it.

Getting closer, I was actually kinda excited to see what was causing the black plume. I think it's the journalist in me. I'm pretty sure nobody got hurt in this fire. First, a tow truck was parked nearby getting ready to take this truck away before it apparently caught fire. Second I saw a couple guys standing off to one side on the other side of the firetrucks and third, there wasn't anything on the news about this fire.

I saw a firetruck coming up behind me so I slowed to a stop and let it whip by me. This, of course, enabled me to take yet another shot. Yes, I strategically pulled into the closest lane possible so I could get a good photo. Today a coworker asked me if I was afraid of it blowing up while I was driving by.

Blowing up?! I hadn't thought of that! Wow. The flames died down a bit before I was able to take this shot. Note all that black on the sign above the fire.

Well, there's the news that wasn't in the news!

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