Friday, March 31, 2006

On the way to Pier 39...

...we stumbled upon an apparent traffic induced street rumble. We missed whatever caused the problem but managed to see the good stuff. (click on pictures)

I think there were three cars involved, maybe four. A hispanic guy was talking on his cell phone and had taken off his belt, looped it around his hand with the buckle at the end and was waving it wildly at the family standing in the street. His girlfriend was crying, trying to make him stop. The family, standing in the middle, were doing their best to separate everyone. At one point, the driver of the gray car walked back to his car and got in.

He then lurched forward in his car to try to hit the hispanic guy! This is when grandma stepped between him and the hispanic guy and made the driver stop momentarily. Of course, things started to get crazy at this point. Oh yeah, and that's the hispanic guys truck sitting there in the road. Anyway, the hispanic dude starting flinging his belt all over, his girlfriend got on her cell phone and was crying, the other people were trying to calm everyone down...and then the driver in the gray car actually pulled up and bumped the hispanic dude! He pushed him back about a foot. So the dude stood there with his hands out in the "I'm the king of the world" pose and the driver kept on pushing him backwards with his car.

Eventually, everyone got in their cars and tried to drive away. An SUV that I didn't notice drove away and when they did, their driver side mirror fell off. I'm not sure how they were related if at all.

The hispanic guy waited for the police to show up and when they did, it was three cars full of coppers! Because traffic was so thick, they pulled over the other offending cars that were near by and put the driver and the hispanic guy in cuffs. I'm not sure what ended up happening cause we got bored and left.

Meanwhile, I was pretty excited about the fight in the street because we were trying to catch up to a group of girls that had walked by. Maybe it's just me but I was wondering why they were wearing these ridiculous boots!

While they paused to watch the fight in the street, I took a quick photo. Unfortunately, it doesn't give the boots justice...they were all fury and thick like Eskimo boots or something. People, we were in San Francisco!! Not Anchorage!

Anyway, I got my ghetto-fabolous photo, baby strollers included, AND witnessed a street rumble. I was pretty happy. :)


Yaya said...

Love the photos! What's up with people wearing the fur boots?! I saw some lady wearing a fur coat in OC once, people are nuts! Actually my mom owned a fur coat... she was nuts too!

aimee said...

Wow, how exciting! Not really the kind of excitement that I prefer, but you got pictures!!!