Wednesday, March 08, 2006

American Idol - the guys (extremely long)

OK so I have to admit, I was busy surfing around looking for WWE stats (did you know an average of 5 million people watch WWE Raw in one night) when Apollo reminded me that American Idol was on.

Apparently I missed Gedeon (somehow that doesn't bother me at all).

We turned on the TV and stumbled into what we thought was a concert of some sort, but it was Chris! Damn! I have to say I'm quite impressed. Of course, Randy liked him. I don't remember what Paula said...some sort of "blah blah blah I like you because you're nice" that I don't quite remember. But Simon said, "It was a bit indulgent." I'm not sure what that meant by that since I missed most of the performance. I don't care though, I like Chris and I like his sound. Sorry I don't know what he sang, but I can look that up for you later if you want.

Seacrest made some comment about "You're over customer service aren't you" to Chris and Chris replied, "I'm done." They were making references to his old job but it really hit home for me cause seriously...I'm done. Yeah. Anyway.

Next was Kevin. His little "getting to know me" footage was him talking about how he likes rap. *sigh* "I enjoy rapping to his music," he said about Kanye West. And then....AND THEN he sang Starry Starry Night. I was pretty disappointed. I mean, I was actually hoping he was going to rap. YEAH!! That would have been really funny. I thought it was a good choice for him but it still sucked. It was not AI material. I could imagine him singing at a high school talent show though. Seems like he has a really good sense of humor.

Randy said "I always knew you were a hip hop man like me." He made a dog pound reference which caused everyone to 'woof woof' and then in the background I saw one of the girls stand up and do chicken wings with her arms and flap them. HAHAHAHA! I mean...Hey! That's MEAN!

Paula kept on talking about how it was a sincere performance, yada yada yada. Simon said, "People will enjoy it in the way you like to watch puppies play." LOL He also said, "You have the Granny Vote" and "it's very juvenile." And then as the camera panned away he ended with a classic, "I'm not being rude."

When Bucky started to sing I thought oh no, oh no no no. He was singing a country song! But then I got distracted with the way he was standing behind the mic. It was almost like they needed to get a room or something. I half expected him to do something rude to it. After I got over the whole mic stand thing, his voice started to grow on me. I started to like it in a Kid Rock meets Cookie Monster in a cheap motel room kind of way. Keep in mind that I've missed his past several performances so this was all new to me. The song ended much too quickly or maybe I was too distracted by the mic.

Paula used a bunch of adjectives to describe why she loves him. Simon said it was ok but not good enough. I have to agree. I was distracted by Zoe lovingly scratching my leg (ouch) when I looked up and I was suddenly seeing double. Apparently Bucky has a twin brother named Rocky??? And they have the same hair and silly grin? ARGH! And who in their right mind would name their kids Rocky and Bucky!

Next Peter Brady, I mean Will, sang. His eyes freaked me out. He stared. I wasn't impressed. Another night at karaoke - maybe if he had a few drinks in him he'd sound better.

I can't remember what Randy and Paula said but here was Simon's response to Paula's positive comments, "You must have been starved for entertainment as a child." LOL And then he said to the Brady kid, "You've got the middle-aged vote" and pointed to Paula. hehehe When I think of Brady singing, I think of Vegas.

I get up a lot when watching tv and was away checking my mail online when Apollo told me AI was on. I walked over to see someone in a rabbit costumer talking about the Easter bunny. It was Taylor! I don't know what that was all about, I was stunned.

I liked Taylor's song choice (something by Michael McDonald) and the more he sang, the more I liked it. I have to say that he looked pretty funny while singing. His right fist was clenched and he was flailing his arm around wildly along with one half of is body. His dancing was like someone having seizures and for one moment, I thought he was a blind guy. Despite all that, I still like him. He's an endearing guy and has a lot of potential. Oh boy, here I go sounding like Paula. *sigh*

For one brief moment I got an image of that one mean looking muppet with the big furry uni-brows but it went away as soon as he started talking. Nice kid.

Randy made some comments about his dancing but still liked his singing. Paula wanted to use his steps at her next job (oh come on Paula, is that the best you can do?) Simon said (Faythe get ready), "You could single handedly kill the music video industry" and "Definitely a radio performance." I still liked it though.

On a side note, do you ever wonder if Paula later regrets the things she says? You know, like she's sitting in her car saying, "What the hell was I thinking, 'I'll use your steps at my next job??!' " *banging head on steering wheel*

OK, it's Elliot's turn and of course, I'm distracted. Suddenly, Elliot is talking about infections. What? What did I walk into? He starts singing and I'm thinking, this is pretty good. Not bad. Not outstanding but not bad. I think he's going to be one of the finalists.

He finishes and Randy says "I'd make a record on you tonight." He also says something about Elliot still singing very well even though he has hearing-loss in one ear. I guess that's where the infection thing comes in. *phew* Paula is so excited she almost knocks over her drink and grabs her cup just in time. Apollo makes some comments about her spilling her rum & coke (he's convinced that she's drunk every night). Simon calls the song a "cop out" and says he hated it. Of course, every time Randy and Paula disagree he rolls his eyes and waves his hands at them as if to say, "but you're idiots what do you know." Poor Simon. At least he's honest.

Finally, Ace sang. His footage was about he had done some work as a handy man. Not work-safe one-liners that only Faythe could say started invading my thoughts. Plus I knew she'd enjoy the image of Ace as a handy man. Oh yeah, he left his hat on too this time. Ace sang Butterflies by Michael Jackson. I have to be honest, at first I was thinking, what the hell?? But then I really started to like it. This dude sings falsetto and somehow makes it sexy without being sexual! All the girls were standing up and yelling.

Randy liked it and made some positive comments about his falsetto. I can't remember what Paula said. I'm sure she gushed goodness while she blushed. Simon said he only liked the beginning and ending. Randy didn't agree with his comments about the middle not being good at all. I definitely liked it. I've never heard the original, I wonder how it would compare?

Anyway, that's all I got. I can't wait until Faythe's satellite is repaired so she can continue with the reviews!


Faythe said...

Thank God for your review!! I think I got a pretty good idea of how the show went, and hopefully tomorrow the AI website will have some clips from last night's show. I can't believe I missed Bucky and his twin brother, and I can't believe I missed hunky Ace and his falsetto!! AAarrgghghgghghghghg!!!!

Yaya said...

So, you think you are "done" huh? Heheee

Katrina said...

Kidd Rock meets Cookie Monster in a cheap motel room?...that's a very interesting image! Taylors performance was great! Good tone and showmanship. I missed Chris's and Elliot's was kinda safe for me! I do agree with you, however, that Elliot will be in the final. He has by far the most authentic and best controlled voice! I kinda want Taylor to be there too, just because he seems like such a unique individual.

Daisy Ditzy Do said...

Well done Ray!

You should not at all be bothered by missing Gedeon. Except that it was a little funny how the mic looked like it might just fall into his big ol' mouth at some points. te he he

I missed Taylor's performance while I was blowing out my candles and cutting myself some cake. *phooey*

I think Peter Brady/John Mayor is cute. Not a great singer but cute.

I don't think Paula ever regrets what she says. I think she is really that 'la la la la' spacey.

Karyn said...

i would rather die than watch american idol, BUT, i believe the song you called 'starry starry night' is a song by don mclean, "vincent".

a good song!

rayleen said...

Karen, I think you're right. I keep thinking of the name of the art which I believe is Starry Starry Night. Of course, I may be totally wrong there too.

I like the song too! But not with HIM singing it! ARGH!