Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Faythe, you're not gonna believe it!

That's right, I just ordered a Cox Combo! Now I can set up my wireless router (the DSL PPPoE connection was causing havoc), get better shows on cable AND have unlimited nation wide free long distance all in one package!

Next items to welcome me into the 21st century (that still may take a long time coming): cell phones and TIVO.


Yaya said...

I say cell phone before Tivo!

Faythe said...

Cox Combo! AHAHAHAHAA!!! Now insanely dirty thoughts are going through my head. Thanks Rayleen!!

And I vote for TiVo first. Never underestimate the joy of being able to pause live TV. Think of all the future Ms. Jackson moments you'll be able to see in all their glory!! Or being able to pause right in the middle of something and get a snack or untangle a cat or two! PURE JOY!!