Saturday, March 18, 2006

Day 2 update

I know diets are hard to adjust to in the beginning.

I'm now eyeing over a packet of honey.


aimee said...

AAAH!!! It's so hard, isn't it?!? Try to think of something else... like what you're going to knit next. It'll take your mind off snacks. But that honey really does look good. :P

Sir Richard Roundfellow said...

Take your mind off the diet. I recommending sweating.

Greased Testes (to the tune of "Greased Lightening")

Go Greased Testes you're sweating up a bucket load

Go Greased Testes you're smelling like a sterile toad

A lot of steam
The chicks all cream
For Greased Testes

Sir Richard Roundfellow said...

Go Greased Testes you're sliding on an inner thigh

Go Greased Testes you're slappin' 'gainst a shaved hair pie

The chicks don't stay
They run away
From Greased Testes