Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Voice of Reason = PAB

I went to a yarn store and walked out with only $12.40 in yarn stuffs. I bought 2 yarn balls that were 40% off (the only reason I bought them) and two packages of elastic thread. I looked around the store and nothing screamed at me, nothing begged to go home with me.

Of course, the Voice of Reason keept telling me I did not need more yarn. I don't have any specific projects lined up and if I do, they didn't have the yarn I wanted. Reason kept whispering in my year about the other yarn I had at home, the yarn I was so excited about when I first met it. Then Reason nastily pointed out that I had stuffed all the beloved yarn away in bags or bins without a second thought. *sigh* It's true, I have other yarn I can use.

Hopefully, Reason will take a hike soon.


Katrina said...

Funny! Love reading your blog Rayleen!

aimee said...

Reason... rah bah bah!!!