Thursday, March 23, 2006

Photos of Laura's tatt

Laura and I went to Avalon Tattoo on Sunday for her first tattoo. Here she is smiling and happy to get her body permanently disfigured (hehehe) and possibly losing her shoulder, so her Mom decided.

Here's Jacek's, the tattooist, ink set-up. He put the different colors of ink in disposable tiny blue containers and dipped the needle into them as he needed. The plastic wrap was used to help create a sterile environment and those bottles of liquid were used to sterilize and clean Laura's shoulder.

He's already done the outline here and is filling in the green in the stem and flowers. He used green and yellow to create highlights.

No, it's not blood. :) Rather than use white to fill in the petals since white will fade quickly and turn gray or brown over time, Jacek (who looks a lot different than his picture) used pink with some white highlights. Laura is very much into pink, so the coloring is perfect for her.

The chick in the other room doesn't look too happy. She was getting a large tattoo from her knee to her ankle and only had the outline and one color done. Meanwhile, Laura was pleasantly surprised at how relatively painless the tattoo process was.

Yay! She's all done! It only took about forty five minutes for the entire process. Meanwhile, that girl behind us is still waiting for the next round.

Here's the final product all lubed up in its moisturized glory! I'll be sure to get a photo later when it's healed. When I last talked to Laura she said it was itching like crazy. And I'm happy to report that her shoulder hasn't fallen off!

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aimee said...

MOOHOOOWAAHHHAAAAHHAAAA!!! They're pretty addicting... just like everybody says.