Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Hair cut

I decided to get my hair cut on Monday. Thankfully, my most favorite hairstylist ever had an opening. He's the kind of gay guy you see in the movies, the kind you expect when a gay man cuts your hair. I just love him to death! When he cuts my hair he looks like he's creating a masterpiece. Sometimes his left hand is stuck in the air as he combs through my hair and fluffs it to his expectations. He makes a lot of funny facial expressions too. He bites his lip, squints, sticks out his tongue...I love watching him work. He also will maneuver into all sorts of positions to get the perfect cut too.

Anyway, since I was shedding hair all over the place and the lint roller was having a hard time picking it up off the car seats, I decided to get it cut. As always, a hair cut can do wonders for a persons psyche too! So far, comments from coworkers have been, "What did you do to your hair?" and "I like your hair cut, it's different." I guess you take compliments where you can get them.


Brianna said...

I know that *I just got a hair cut* feeling. I love it!! I cut my hair for the same reason, I was shedding all over the place. It's actually time for me to get another cut and dye job. More blonde streaks this time...

I want to see before and after pictures!

aimee said...

I loooove getting my hair cut. I haven't done it since September because I'm trying to grow it out, but the thought of cutting it is a warm-and-fuzzy.