Sunday, March 05, 2006

Thanks Faythe and Ryan!

Why does everyone keep saying it's too early for wine? I'm sure this morning in Europe hundreds of people had wine with or for breakfast.

So, Friday I got a package with TWO bottles of wine in it!! Faythe and Ryan sent them to me. Along with some sour Mentos that are long gone and some Bad Cat stickers. They're pretty damn funny.

Ok so the wine on the left is a Riesling that Faythe picked up at CostPlus. I haven't tried it yet. The bottle on the right is something Ryan picked up, a Bordeaux. Apparently Faythe's tastes run with German wines while Ryan is "a huge fan of French wines."

Hopefully I'll get to try them out tonight. I just noticed that an old Jerry Lewis movie is on. hehehehehe!! (and not funny just because I've had some wine already)


Yaya said...

I could use some myself... too bad the baby thing is getting in the way...

Katrina said...

Bzz, Bzz, Sorry Rayleen. Too much caffeine! Thought I'd buzz by and say hello!