Saturday, July 09, 2005

UK peeps

While in Las Vegas, I kept looking around at all the people - all the different shapes, sizes, designs, etc and I thought, wow - we are ALL God's children! Can you imagine creating a people that are so diverse physically and culturally, and yet loving them all equally? I was in awe.

But then, on the 7th I was reminded of the horrors of our world and how much we hate each other.

I ponder, what the hell are the terrorists problems? Ok, don't answer that, I know. But still, don't they know there are better ways to hit us where it hurts? How about lawsuits (or is that just the American Way)? Take away our money! Erradicate fast food! Do away with rock n roll....then you'll defnitely get our attention. Seriously, killing people? Doesn't get you the media attention you're looking for. Help you get your way? Um, no. Create interest and sympathy for your cause? HELLS NO!

Throughout our trip through the Las Vegas airport on the 6th, we saw "Heightened alert" notices on the television monitors. Now I'm curious, did they have a clue? Why the alert if the actual bombings took place a few hours later in the UK? Coincidence?

Why our local Muslim or Islamic groups don't condemn these actions are very telling. Just a curious observation.

Meanwhile, as I work with UK customers every day, I can't help but be reminded of their plight. My sympathies go out to everyone who was affected by this stupid act.

To experience the numbness yourself, visit Ace Chick, a fellow knitter in London.

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