Sunday, July 31, 2005

Old Times *sigh*

I was cleaning out my computer and found some old photos that just bring back fond memories. *sniff* Geeze, isn't it terrible how time just flies? Even worse, isn't it terrible that we're actually aging? Sidebar...

Remember when we were kids and we felt so invincible, like we had the world in our hands and it was going to be "forever" before we were old? *sigh* I think I was reminded of my age recently when I had a chance to be the responsible one and a younger person was flippant about the situation. It was at that moment that I had a queasy feeling and started OK I know I'm not that old. But I have this sickening feeling that I'm at the dawn of maturity. I think I'm going to cry now.

OK, back to those photos. These were taken in '03 at my sisters birthday parties. She was surprised with a surfing lesson and beach party. It was great...while she was cutting the cake, the surf instructor was looking for a place to park. She had NO idea what was about to happen. One of her presents was a wetsuit, which she wanted badly. She had a secret ambition to be a surfer girl, so this fit into her plans well. I managed to get her to try it on "just to make sure it fits." When she came out, her instructor arrived!

I wish I could remember his name, but I can't. I think I'll just call him Bob. Anyway, Bob was cool. OH WAIT, his name is LEE!! He started out with the basics. This is how you get on the board, this is how you lay on the board, yada yada yada. I think I should have gotten Aimee a suit with legs. She was getting pretty cold.

How cute, her first attempt! After a while she got's a lot harder to be a surfer girl than you think! Plus, it was cold and the water was blah and the waves weren't really anything to get excited about. Cool thing we found out later was that dirty stuff in the water were actually tiny plants called Dinoflagellates that caused phosphorescence at night. Unfortunately, my batteries died by the end of the evening, so I didn't get any cool photos.

This is Aimee! THIS IS MY SISTER THIS IS MY SISTER!! She is the coolest person I know!!


Now keep in mind that this was a couple years ago and Aimee has changed a LOT. I know she would like me to add this because she's become quite disciplined at taking care of herself and eating right. She looks fab-o-lous! I think she looks just fine in these pics but I know she's going to complain when she see's them. But I don't care, because she's a star in my book!
You may be asking yourself, what does Rayleen want from Aimee? She seems to be kissing butt here. No seriously, I don't want anything. I think we have the most amazing relationship. Even though we beat up on each other when we were kids (I'll never forget that time you bit me and gave me that scar), we get along so well now. We're like night and day, and yet we're the same. I don't know what I'd do without her. Aimee *sniff sniff* I love you! Move back to SD! (ooooh the truth comes out!!)

Later we had a bonfire with singing and marshmallows. Doug, who plays in the Beatles influenced band The Offbeats, joined us and provided the tunes. Doug and his best friend Ryan, created a new line of guitar pedals that have become popular with many artists across the world. (shameless plug) I'll be honest, I don't know much about pedals, but I do know that people like 'em have been buying 'em. For more info, click on "Toadworks" in my index.

Many thanks to Faythe for the photos! I'll be scrounging thru my PC for more to post later. I actually have some FREE time on my hands. WOO!

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