Thursday, July 28, 2005

Laura Cheating on Plush??

Say it isn't so! Laura would like us all to know she's found a new yarn. She hasn't given up on Plush, but she'd like some new color options and texture without losing the softness so she's started exploring other brands, such as Geisha.

She picked this up at Common Threads and as we expected, ran into some trouble. As Common Threads organizes their yarn by color, we were only able to find two balls even though the computer said there were three in the building. We didn't have the energy to search through the burgundy category for the other ball and gave up without a fight.

Wait a minute. Is she flipping me off? Maybe a different sort of intervention is in order. *shaking fist*

She's finished her hat and is working on the scarf using this spotted plush. Laura couldn't help but show me exactly how soft the yarn is. I think she was rubbing it in, trying to make a point while I was working on my embroidery thread scarf, which is not as soft as "clouds." grrr

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