Friday, July 15, 2005

Hey when did the current online issue of Knitty officially appear? I've been checking for updates and WHAM, look! New stuff!

In case you don't surf through the site, here's some fun articles to read. This summer issue is called "The Man Issue." So cool!!

It's Cool Because I Made it Cool

Stash Envy

Knit Like A Man

I love their "Yarn Ho" line. heheheheheh


Yaya said...

Rayleen, your links are broken... Where do I go to file a complain? When is this problem going to be mix? Also, can I get a partial refund... Heheheh

I like the "cool boys knit" cardigan..but... the boy kind of look like a girl.. don't you think... hmmmm... identity crisis?

rayleen said...

I'm sorry, my site briefly experienced technical difficulties tonight. However, the links are fully functional at this time. If you continue to experience errors, please delete cookies. You can do this in Internet Explorer by going to tools< delete cookies and temporary files. Click OK. Be sure to close that browser and open a new one to access the content.

If you continue to have difficulty, please describe your errors to me. Do not reply, "I have an error." Describe your error or I will delete your email and sign you up for spam.

Sorry, no refunds, EVER. Once you have clicked on "I accept" under the Terms of Service, your soul and first born child are indebted to me forever.

Enjoy. hehe