Sunday, July 10, 2005

Hello Kitty and Darth Vader

Faythe is gonna be SO jealous!! Look what Darth Yaya is giving me!

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Apparently, it's a rare Hello Kitty locker that you cannot buy! She was able to get it after saving up all her Hello Kitty points.

While I was searching for it online, I found this one:

Image hosted by

This one might go well with Faythe's office.

Speaking of office (like my segue?), today at work we were having some troubles with one of our clients that required my boss to login and make content with one the leads. So I sent him a message, "So that's why I heard the Darth Vader music."

OK, am I just stupid or was that not funny? Get it? Darth Vader...boss... OK so I thought it was rather witty. Apparently, he did not. He IGNORED me.

Ignored me.

So, did I just insult him? Have I offended him? Did he not get my stupid joke? If you need any other suggestions on how to offend your boss, let me know. Apparently I'm full of them.


Faythe said...

You may have the locker, Ray, but I've got the MICROWAVE!!! Grrrrr!!!

Faythe said...

Oh yeah, and when are you going to post the rest of your Vegas pictures???? We're all DYING to know what happens next! DYING!!!!

Yaya said...

He is too far into the dark side to have a sense of humor! Darth Laura!

Karyn said...

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