Saturday, July 09, 2005


I'm at work on my break, terribly bored and cannot post my pictures from LV because my camera is at home. BUT while we were at The Venetian, we went to Brookstone. OMG have you ever seen these Ecosphere's?

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There's algae and red shrimp living inside the delicately balanced ecosystem created by NASA scientists. They're SO cool! I'd like to get one for my desk, but they're a bit expensive. I think I'll get a fountain instead.

Oh, that's right, I forgot to tell you. I'm getting my own desk at work! OK, well not really a desk, but I get a piece of the cubicle! Nine of us work in a large cubicle here. Last week, an entire department was moved to a new building, opening up space for two of our supervisors to gain their own cubicles, leaving the rest of us to the rest of the large cubicle. We're all moving and shifting to different locations (according to "rank"). Because I'm on the bottom of the pole, I don't get a window view BUT I get an entire corner to myself!! OH YEAH BABY! I'm just excited to have my own space that doesn't consist of the swaying kiddie table in the middle of the room. Chad is being really cool, he's looking for a working light fixture for my new corner too. :) Of course, there's a chance that half the wall will come down and I'll be facing my boss (his cubicle is on the other side of the wall) but, beggers can't be choosey. I'm thinking about getting a large mirror, since my back is to the windows, and putting it up so I can look out the windows. And plants. Must have plants.

It's a bit sad when a person gets this excited over counter space.


Yaya said...

Having a desk is overrated! You are missing out on another opportunity to complain and whine. Pretty soon we will all be cookie-cutter bitter CSR’s. Oh, wait, we already are. Nevermind!

Yaya said...

Hey, check this out:

okay, this purse is so cute that it makes me want to knit too, except for the minor problem that I have no patience. Maybe my nice friend/ co worker wants to make one for me. hint, hint!

rayleen said...

This doesn't look like a complicated pattern - I like cable stitches. I'd need to figure out how she did the handle, but I'm sure this would be easy to make. :)