Sunday, July 03, 2005

I can't wait!

Tomorrow morning, me and the B-Man (Faythe knows him, he wears a cape) leave for our secret trip. I am SO excited!! Of course I can't post about it here cause he also reads my blog but you just wait! I'm going to post pics, OH YEAH BABY! Well, I'm going to post them when I get back. Our shuttle will pick us up at 5:45 AM which should be interesting. I mean, ME? Up that early in the morning, voluntarily? It's one thing to be ready for work that early, it's another to be ready for an airport that early. Sheesh!

And of course, B-Man still has no idea where we're going for his birthday. :) Can I just say how excited I am??

The Knit Nerd group went on our fieldtrip to two different yarn stores yesterday. I'll have to post about that when I come back from the trip, towards the end of the week. At one of the stores I saw several purses hanging up made of ribbin. Using a seed stitch, the ribbon took on a sort of elasticity. Very cool! So, I bought some Katia Bonita ribbon, color 18, to make a purse. Now, I stepped outside my comfort zone with this one. Instead of my usual neutrals or safe blues, I bought an orange combo! YIKES! But, I think it's going to look OK. One of my coworkers says it has an asian flare.

Image hosted by

Now, if only I can find some shoes that will match this purse without going too crazy or looking like something out of a bad 1970's movie.

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