Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Mirage and The Excalibur

The Mirage was beautiful! We didn't realize we were about to walk through a hallway where one of Siegfried and Roy's white tigers was displayed. The thick glass separated us from the beautiful cat, mostly white yard and water. It was a little sad to watch this beautiful tiger pace back and forth. He only stood still once, as you'll see in the last photo.

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This boy kitty showed us real-life natural actions by occasionally spraying the wall as he walked by.

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And of course, like every kitty I know, he had to use the litter box. Before you get freaked out, those are his boy kitty parts. Not what you think. (How is it I will always reach a level of inappropriateness?)

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The Venetian is on the left, our hotel, Harrah's, is on the right. You can see our hotel room from this location in the front of The Mirage (our room is the one on the corner, 25 floors up, I'm sure you can see it hehe). This beautiful waterfall turns into a volcano at night. I think it ran for a couple hours, every 15 minutes. One of the security guys we met (yes, yes, Apollo stopped them and we talked for a while and got the low-down from the locals on various topics) told us that it used to run all night long but people who stayed in rooms close to it complained about the noise. We didn't have that problem though, we were far enough away from it that we saw it and barely heard it. You can see it exploding in one of the very first pictures I posted.

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So, what did we do? We walked. And walked. Gambled. Walked. Gambled, and walked some more. Oh, I did manage to squeeze in some shopping. But I had to walk and walk and walk to do it. Despite our mono-rail pass, we walked our booties off. (Don't you wish you could really walk your booty off?)

Even when we did take the monorail ($10 each for 24 hours), we realized that we walked just as far to get to the mono-rail (through various hotels out the back) as we would have to get to our destination. I'll tell you one thing though, all the signs on The Strip were sure misleading! For example, we saw "Caesar's Palace" from MGM. And we thought, hey, that's not far! So we started walking. And walking. get the idea. Well, it turns out the sign is freakin two miles high! No wonder we thought it was close by!!

By the way, notice I haven't posted any pictures of Caesar's Palace yet? That's right. And you won't see any either. Let's just say, I wasn't that impressed with this particular hotel. Maybe it's because I got stuck in the dirty, worn down casino and found myself surrounded by too many smokers. I guess you could say it left a bad taste in my mouth. I can still hear the screeching voice of the waitress, "Cocktails, cocktails, cocktails!" as she walked by us. GEEZE shut up already!!

One hotel that sticks out in my mind is The Excalibur. This is because they had the one show Apollo wanted to see, something to do with Knights and fighting. Oh yeah, The Tournament of Kings. It was similar to, well you know, a video game. Seriously, I wanted to see a show with feathers, legs, or something else that really represented Las Vegas. (All Cirque du Soleil shows were dark.) But since this trip was all about Apollo and what he wanted to do, we saw a show about the knights of King Arthur. And we got to eat food with our hands. OK so they made a big deal out of this part, but really, soup, a guinea hen (I'm being generous with this one, it was more like a half grown chicken), a piece of almost cooked broccoli, some potato wedges and a roll weren't that exciting to eat with your hands. The best part of the meal was the soup.

I hate soup.

Here's some of the knights on their horses waiting for something. Maybe for some better food? I didn't crop this one so you could see all the people sitting in the large auditorium. And the stupid hats.

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They actually had a warning about this show at the entrance...if you're sensitive to smoke, laser light shows etc, they recommend not attending. They forgot to mention flying dirt clods. Yeah, Apollo got hit right in the middle of the forehead with one.

That was funny. OK, sheesh, before you start thinking I'm insensitive, it wasn't that big. But it was funny. We all laughed. Even now, I laugh. hehehe

Each section in the auditorium represented a different kingdom, i.e. one of the kings in King Arthur's Roundtable. Except OUR section. We represented Mordor! Errr, wrong fantasy. We represented Mordred! We rooted for him by hitting the tables with our fists as loudly as possible.

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Since we waited all day to eat at this supposedly splendid feast (remember the other picture of Apollo drinking the Starbucks beverage?), I became a bit disgruntled and lost a little focus on the actual story. I think this is one of Mordred's soldiers. Mordred's theme was dragons and fire. Very cool.

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At some point Mordred came over and sat in front of us on his horse. I don't know why. All I knew was I had to get a good picture without using a flash, since camera's and photo's were not allowed. You can see how these rules stopped me. I laugh HAHAHHAAAA with contempt in the face of any rules that prohibit photography!! Anyway, the horse just didn't understand the concept of a long exposure. I guess the last laugh was on me.

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When I go to Vegas next (listen to me, since I came home, I've changed my mind and decided that yes, I'll go back), I wont be going to The Excalibur for anything. Not only was the show substandard (well, to me) but the hotel was really annoying. There were too many kids involved. Now, don't get me wrong, I like kids. Just not the kind that are amped up on sugar and a show and staying in a fantasy hotel like The Excalibur.

I'll probably wind up the trip with the next batch of photos. And then I'll complain. I'm good at that. OH yeah and I have some photos to post from a couple different yarn shops I visited in Encinita's and Poway.


Yaya said...

Those are awesome pictures!

Faythe said...

Two things--actually three things. 1) FINALLY! Woohoo! I was dying to see your pictures from Vegas! 2) When we saw the white tigers there were two of them, but one of them was doing all the exact same stuff--spraying all over the place and going to the bathroom. Ryan actually wanted me to take a picture of the tiger going to the bathroom, but I vehemently refused! 3) It has always been my DREAM (seriously)to go to the midieval restaurant and eat an entire meal with my hands and be all rowdy. I am so glad you went and talked about the quality of the food, because after what you said about it, I think I'm changing my mind. If the food isn't good, then there's no point. I guess I should just make myself a chicken (or buy one of those yummy ones from CostCo) and eat it with my hands at home and be happy.

Faythe said...

Oh, and Apollo getting hit in the head with a dirt clod? HILARIOUS!! It never would have occurred to me that something like that would happen. Were you guys pretty close to the show? If you sit further back, can that be avoided? Or if you sit too far back, can you not see the show very well? I guess it doesn't really matter since the food is so bad I don't think I'll be going to this now.

rayleen said...

The dirt clod was actually quite small. But still...funny. We were two rows up from the main area and right in the middle, so we had pretty good seats. I guess you could get hit with a clod if you were further back, matters how hard the horse is running. And you can still see show well if you sit in the very back. I think there are some seats that are in the corner (if you can imagine a corner in an oval shaped auditorium) that might not be the best, but still...the seats overall are OK.

The food - not great. The sign next to the ticket desk said $13.33 of the money went towards the food. Yeah. The chicken thingy was OK, but pretty dry. The best thing about it was the skin. The broccoli wasn't cooked all the way, the wedges were cold, the roll? It was a roll. Still, the soup (which I think was a mix of broth and cream of tomato) was actually decent. But then again, I'm not a fan of soups. Not sure what that really says.

The bad thing about eating with your hands is you have one small hand wipey with chicken skin grease all over your hands. OH yeah I forgot about dessert! It was a piece of some sort of apple streudal. The pastry was so dry and flakey that when I took a bite it all fell on the floor. My overall review? F for the food, B for the entertainment. And I give high marks only because I forgot to mention the stable boys, who were very Fabio like with their long flowing hair and hard muscular bodies. *rowr*