Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Saggy sock to be?

I knit a sock. I'm not happy with it. Well, it's just fine. But, isn't a sock supposed to really hug your foot?

Yes, I checked the gauge. I spent an entire evening knitting swatches with various needles, measuring, ripping, etc. I was obsessive. I even stretched the swatch and measured the gauge, as suggested in one book. I knit the sock, put it on and while I'm basically happy, I get the feeling that with time this sock will slip down my ankle into the shoe.

I've decided to go ahead and knit a second sock and if worse comes to worse, shrink them a bit. Since I have plenty of yarn left over, I'll knit the next pair in smaller size needles.

Any suggestions? What size needles (in millimeters) do you use?

*ps, after some research online, I'm beginning to think this particular yarn is too small for these needles.

*pps, I just realized this yarn will not shrink. Some ripping may be in my future. *sigh*

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