Monday, January 15, 2007

Pink socks

Sometime before Christmas, Faythe decided she wanted to try her hand at socks. Since she hated socks so much, I didn't want her to have to purchase a pattern (egads!) so I faxed her a pattern to try out. I'd never used a pattern with worsted weight so I decided to knit along with her. Well, with Christmas looming, I had to put the partially knit sock away.

This weekend I found the sock and finished it up Sunday. Figuring I might as well make a mate (no sense in just one sock), I started on the second sock and finished it today. These aren't the colors I would choose for socks but I don't mind. They're nice and warm and perfect for this weather.

Did you hear that eastern parts of San Diego county are experiencing all time lows? Oranges and avocados are freezing through and dropping off trees. It'll be interesting to see what the agriculture is like this summer, especially since there are already predictions of it being a very warm season.

Meanwhile, I have my wool Cascade 220 socks.

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Yaya said...

Love the socks, I like the colors :)