Sunday, January 14, 2007

All cracked up

I've had a cold for three weeks now. I'm getting sick and tired of it. OK, I'm already sick so I guess you could say I'm just getting tired of it. Could it be allergies? Is there something new in the air?

Sometimes a nice hot cup of tea will help clear my sinuses so I decided to make myself a big mug of tea. Yeah that's right Faythe, a mug. I mean serious business here!! I put the Tazo Tea bag in the cup (Bring it on Faythe!), poured in the freshly boiled water from the kettle and heard a cracking sound! I quickly put down the mug (why I was holding it in the air while pouring the water and talking to Apollo, I don't know) and saw this huge crack appear! As I watched it, it traveled to the other side and created a bunch of baby cracks. The crack is so big, you can even see through it!


1 comment:

Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

See, I didn't even have to bring it, the universe brought it for me! AHAHAHAhahahahaah!!!