Thursday, January 18, 2007

Quick booties

I watched a couple movies tonight while knitting these booties. Unfortunately, Apollo didn't read Yaya's comment about The Wicker Man on her blog and brought it home from the video store.

She's right. It sucked. It could have been better with a different cast and someone who could tell a story better. Or some cohesiveness. Or even someone who can edit. Nicholas Cage's forced acting has gotten on my last nerve.

I also finally saw The Break Up. Sure, I've seen it several times at work on the monitor on the wall but I've never heard the audio. I liked it, but I wasn't really happy with the ending. This kind of movie begs for a happy ending, not reality.

I should have photos of the completed booties tomorrow.

1 comment:

Yaya said...

I totally agree with you on "The Break Up". I thought it was a good movie until the ending. Dave and I were laughing so hard at first because we argue in the same way as the characters in the movie, but the ending was just dumb! Did you watch the alternative ending? It was even worst. They broken up and were dating other people, except that the people they date were ugly version of their ex's (with similar sounding names too). How dumb is that!