Saturday, January 06, 2007

Is it the end for the Man TV?

Tonight my quiet systematic knitting was interrupted by Apollo discovering a problem with the TV. Instead of being bright, it was cloudy. It was as if the screen was blanketed with a layer of chalky dust. This was clearly a problem.

You see, this is not just any TV. It's a gigantic Man TV which takes up more room than His Chair. When designing the layout of the furniture in the apartment, the Man TV must always be taken into consideration. Plus, it is very important for things like video games, football, basketball, etc. Some people might even consider it's size essential to maintain a certain standard of living. So you can imagine his distress when the video seemingly kept resetting itself even after being edited. When suggesting that it's possible the Man TV may be ready for retirement, I was met with what one can only describe as anger. Maybe I sounded too excited at the prospect of retirement.

Hopefully when the opportunity strikes, we'll have the funds for a suitable replacement.


aimee said...

You know, my tv is very small and I would love to go bigger... but never that big. It's just too much! It is nice to watch the games and movies on though. But still... it's weird when somebody's head on the tv is as big as my body. :D

Faythe - Amateur Malcontent said...

What will you do about American Idol? Will you still be able to watch it??

katrina said...

A brief moment of silence for our humongous friend please. Man TV you were much loved and we will miss you. LOL! I'm sure though, that Rayleen will be happy to get the bulk of her living room back!