Friday, January 05, 2007

Out of control

Today Yaya requested a replacement Matinee Coat for Peanut, who is tall for her age and quickly grows out of her clothes. Because Peanut is The Best Baby in the Entire World (and cute too), I'm more than happy to make her another coat.

After I agreed to make it for her, I realized I was in the process of making the very same coat for my cousin Stephanie's unborn child, due in February.

Christmas projects pretty much put a stop to everything else so I decided it was time to pick up the needles and get going. The hard part is trying to find all the yarn and needles for it. ARGH! So, I turned to my new "knitting storage unit."

Well, that turned out to be a challenge. Needles are everywhere. Yarn is scattered. My knitting storage unit is in total disarray.

See, I had this extra dresser and I thought it would be great to use for yarn storage.

My original plan was to put all acrylic yarns in the bottom drawer. Yes, acrylic (bite me). The middle drawer is for wool and alpaca. The top two drawers are for specialty yarns of great variety.

I've managed to squeeze my swift and ball winder along with other accessories into the drawers as well. One of them won't shut correctly. OUT OF CONTROL.

It seems that I have underestimated the power of yarn crack! I keep finding random balls of yarn around the apartment either in or out of bags. I even have other storage containers with yarn stashed away that is only discovered when least expected. And of course, you know I can't find the yarn I need when I'm looking for it. You can ask Zoe, I've been looking for the 2nd ball of Nora Kureyon so I can make her Kitty Pi for at least 2 weeks now.

I'm thinking I just may need to get rid of some yarn.


Today I was telling Faythe about some Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino that I am hoarding and due to lack of space, also is not in the knitting storage unit. This just happens to be the yarn I bought while visiting Faythe in Spokane. I totally binged and spent a significant portion of my car payment on yarn I had absolutely no plans for! But I couldn't help it, it was beautiful AND hard to come by in my region. The very thought of actually knitting it up and giving it away makes me feel anxious.

Meanwhile, like a pretentious pre-school, my knitting storage unit now has a waiting list full of yarn wanting to join the security of its drawers.

I think I need to join a Yarn Crack 12 step program. Maybe I'll meet someone there who has some tips on knitting storage solutions.


Yaya said...

it's hard to say no to beautiful yarn. I share your pain.

aimee said...

How did we get started on this knitting thing, anyway??? And who would have thought it would be so addictive?!?