Friday, January 19, 2007

Another dud movie and some fun knitting

Since I have the plague, I don't have the energy to get all crazy and finish these booties tonight. I really only have a few finishing touches to make but didn't want to rush into it. I'm also thinking about adding an I-cord to help keep the booties on too. In either case, here's what the bootie looks like after the knitting is complete. It's knit flat and seamed together on the bottom and up the back.

Today I was talking to Yaya about this bootie, trying to convince her it isn't hard to make at all. Even though I've have a little more experience then she does, I stand by my claim. I dare say it's fun to make. I'm definitely going to make more. For you crocheters out there, there is a crochet pattern and in fact, I believe it existed first. You can find it in Candi Jensen's book, Candy Babies: Cute Crochet For Wee Ones. If curious, Faythe posted a couple pictures from inside the book on her blog.

Here it is pre-seaming. After seaming, all you have to do is add the Plush for the decorative element and you're done!

So while working on this part, I watched another movie. Undisputed 2. *sigh* I never thought it was going to end! OK, here's the story line. Tell me if you think it sounds all too familiar:

  • Good guy framed and goes to foreign prison
  • Good guy must fight evil bad guy
  • Good guy faces hardships in prison and is mistreated
  • Good guy beat down in first fight
  • Inmates do something nice for good guy
  • Good guy stops being selfish and does something nice for inmates
  • Good guy "trained" by crusty old mistreated inmate
  • Good guy fights bad guy again
  • Good guy wins
  • Good guy helps crusty old mistreated inmate get out of prison
  • End

My rating: Dud.

The only cool thing about the movie were the accomplished martial arts talents of Michael Jai White, best known for his role in Spawn. His acting, I'm sorry to say, seems typical of even some* Hollywood A-listers these days. As far as the film goes, it was typical. I didn't even have to look up from my knitting and chatting online to know what was going to happen next. There was also some Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon type filming going on. If you like that and are into these Man type films, you just may like this flick.

*I'm sorry, but isn't the moustache and girly makeup distractingly silly?

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aimee said...

He looks like he's in a circus.