Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Getting to know you, part 2

Someone sneezes very close to you. It's a wet one! You bless them, etc, wish them well. But, now you smell sneeze! Sneeze is around you! In fact, you're in a confined space and the sneeze is heavy in the air! Every time they talk, you smell sneeze!

What do you do?



Brianna said...

"some very close to you" as in they are sitting right next to me or that they are a relative/friend? If it was a stranger, I'd get up and walk away. I don't think I would say anything. I probably wouldn't even bless them. If it were someone I knew, I'd said "damn, you had to make it rain?"

Anonymous said...

wait a couple minutes and spray some febreze air cleaner

Katrina said...

This just happened this morning! I'm sitting at my desk and a co-worker walks up to ask me a question, gets to my desk and sneezes. I asked, "Are you sick?" and he said, "yes". I laughingly told him to get away, which he laughed at and just stood there smiling. So, I grabbed my can of Lysol disinfectant spray and pointed it at him! Seriously! We were both laughing, and I would have never sprayed him, but I can't afford to be sick, so I sprayed the area after he left!

Lora said...

Come out of the closet, acknowlege that your a germophobe and freely spray the lysol. So your eccentric, they will respect it and expect it.