Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Day 3 And there was evening...

Today was a tough day. Last Friday I interviewed for a different position at work. Today I found out it was offered to someone else. No biggie. But still, rejection of any kind isn't fun.

I hung out with Faythe at work, an animal shelter. The bathroom is right next to the cat room so I usually stop by and take a look at all the cats. Unfortunately, I'm beginning to know a few of them by name and site. Today, one of the more loving cats, Licorice, was moved to a different cage. At first I thought something bad had happened. When I saw her I was instantly relieved and then sad again because she lived another day without getting adopted. Then it hit me. All these animals and nobody to take them in. I looked around and saw new adorable kittens looking up at me with those big innocent eyes. Grown up cats purred their greeting and stretched their paws out of their cages in an effort to touch me. How can someone give up their animal? Even worse, how can you give up an animal that you've had for years? Animals are not possessions. If you have a cat or dog, please have it spayed or neutered. Usually you can get a voucher from a nearby shelter or vet which will either cover the full cost or part of the spay or neutering.

I was talking to Shawn on the phone when I looked over at the incinerator and I thought of Auschwitz and totally lost it. (If he didn't hear me blubbering, well my cover is blown now.) It's probably a good thing I don't work at the animal shelter. Either I would be emotional all the time or I would become cold and unfeeling. Neither is good.

After work, Faythe and I met up with Jennifer for dinner at Blue Fish. I guess you could call it a modern sushi restaurant. Dinner was OK but honestly, the best part was the dessert. Of course, Faythe has a detailed entry which, though I haven't read it yet, is probably spot on. I have to warn you though, she freaked out about a decorative cookie, so be prepared for ranting. Eating and drinking our fill, we went for a walk around downtown and ended up at the Riverfront Park Fountain.

The park is beautiful and turns out to have been the location of the Expo 1974 World's Fair. If you happen to be in the area, please take a moment to meander through at least a bit of the 100 acre park.

I almost walked into this spider. Faythe tried to touch it. Seriously, I do not know what her problem is. She is just crazy! Oops, I forgot to warn Aimee about the spider picture. HEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!

Jennifer trying to figure out what that little red hand in her view finder meant. Yes, that's what happens when you let Faythe borrow your things and she starts pushing random buttons. **update: The red hand is still on the camera. Neither Jennifer nor her husband can figure out what the problem is and have even reset the camera to factory settings. I guess it's saying, "Talk to the hand!"

I guess you've already figured out each days post will end with baby raccoon pictures. It's unavoidable. It feels good to come home to them though. They were extremely hungry by the time we got home too. Rocky was eating with his mouth open, chomping away at the food.

One of the babies reaching out to Faythe. The cherry tomatoes in the foreground are their new treat. I put them in the water dish and they play around with them like crazy. It was just a game until someone realized the tomatoes could be eaten!

After last nights curtain biting incident, we now tie the curtains up high. This doesn't stop the little trouble makers though. They're so smart!

This is their water dish. They play in this thing like it's a kiddie pool in the middle of a summer day. Thank goodness for baby raccoons. They make me smile.


Yaya said...

Sorry about the job thing...maybe it's a blessing.... Sorry :(

Jennifer said...

Hey, I'm willing to be that's the only picture of me on the Internet.

It was fun! Thanks for letting me come along.

Chad said...

Hey, why didn't you tell me. I'm going into HR tomorrow and giving them a piece of my mind. ARRRGG