Saturday, August 26, 2006

More raccoons, what can I say?

So before I get to the raccoon pictures, here's one (only one) of Jojo. She's pretty jealous of the babies so I thought I'd give her some of the spotlight.

She's looking pretty sleepy here. Jojo always wore herself out from all that biting. I don't think she liked me petting her while she was trying to sleep. The biting and scratching was a big clue.

Bullwinkle always runs straight to the water! Other than the thicker stripe running down his face, we were able to identify him because he's always wet up to his elbows. Rocky didn't care so much for the water. Either that or Bullwinkle was hogging it and wouldn't let Rocky in.

More grapes! If you click on this one, you can see a little grape in those little hands.

They're not shy about the grapes at all.

Bullwinkle figured out he could take a bunch of grapes at once and then would eat them off to one side away from us. Rocky is much sweeter though. She (we think she's female because she's timid and smaller) would eat the grapes one at a time near by and come back for more much quicker than Bullwinkle.

AWWWWW! Rocky is such a sweetheart!

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