Monday, August 21, 2006

Day 2 I survived another day

But Ryan almost didn't. There was an incident involving the dishwasher and a lot of water which resulted in an ass-kicking Faythe style. Faythe said she'll tell her side of the story here. We decided this photo was worth posting twice, especially since Faythe rarely wins a fight (yeah that's right, I said it).

Today I hung out at Faythe's job and worked on my baby matinee coat. I met The Hate, who wasn't all that bad.

Now Faythe, before you get all irate (you can see the irrational hatred in her eyes), I can understand how this attitude of yours can grow over time. I have a high tolerance level myself, but once someone crosses the line, THAT'S IT! So I feel your pain, sistah. His singing was pretty bad but mostly I was annoyed by the DJ on his radio that was trying too hard to be hip. Dude, you are not hip if you work for a station that plays Neil Diamond. Stop trying. (And saying "dude" is a bad sign too.)

At home, Faythe and I grabbed some sticks and string and she learned to knit. Partially due to her last attempt at knitting and her crochet experience, she was a quick study! I expect she'll be showing off by knitting up adult size sweaters with detailed intarsia in no time while I'll still be trying to figure out how to make baby booties that are actually the size they claim to be in the pattern. (not bitter)

For dinner, we drove to Idaho. Yes, that's right. We had steaks at Wolf Lodge Steakhouse in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Ryan told me if it wasn't the best steak I'd ever had then I could...well I forgot what he said exactly. The truth is I didn't need to do whatever it was because it was The Best Steak Ever! Ryan, Doug and I all got the rib eye and Faythe got the Porter House steak. WELL, our food was so delicious we all stopped talking and started eating. All you could hear was grunting and mumbling about its delicousness. I think there was even some finger licking and lip smacking, not surprising as Faythe was sitting just to my right. Anyway, I'm not sure if I can eat another steak again without being disappointed. Unless of course, it's at the Wolf Lodge.

Of course the day isn't actually complete until we say hello to the babies. Rocky decided to push his luck by biting on the curtains. Mostly he spends his time playing in water as you can see by his wet paw.

In all, it was a pretty great day. Wait...I think I hear some "oh yeahs?!!" and elevated voices. Maybe Faythe is getting ready to lay down the law again! HAAAA HAHAHAHAHAAAA!

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