Monday, August 14, 2006


This is Joël's kitty, Rosco. Several days ago a house in Joël's neighborhood burned down. There is an investigation into the mysterious event as the bank was foreclosing on it as well. Everyone believes the owner of the house started the fire.

Unfortunately, Rosco was over at the house and got caught in the fire. He hasn't been shaved, his hair was singed close to his skin!

His legs are badly burned and are under wraps. Joël is supposed to soak them every day. I'm sure we all know cats - I can't imagine a cat voluntarily soaking his legs.

His nose and ears are burned too.

Rosco looks pretty upset and I don't blame him!

Poor Rosco. :(


Faythe said...


Poor Kitty!!

I hope he gets all better.

Brianna said...

Poor cat. What a shitty thing for that house owner to do (if they really did set their house on fire). They could have at least gotten the cat out. Karma will come around!!

Daisy Ditzy Do said...

OMG Poor Rosco! That's awful. I'll be praying for Rosco (yes, I pray for animals) and for Joel.

aimee said...

I've been praying too. :( Poor baby.

Karyn said...

whoever set the fire should be set on fire themselves....and i'd gladly light the match! stories like this make me sick, and when an innocent animal is hurt it's worse. poor baby! was roscoe joel's cat before the fire? such a cute face!!!

i should never read sad shit before bedtime.....i hate going to bed drepressed.

Katrina said...

Poor, sweet little faced kitty!