Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Getting to know you, Rayleen Style

You're in an elevator and you fart. You can't help it! The deed is done, there's no turning back. The door opens on your floor and you gladly leap from the odiferous confines when you almost run into your boss/owner of the company/cute guy/girl - a person you desperately want to impress. He/she is waiting to get on the elevator!

What do you do?

1 - Tell them not to get on and why
2 - Say nothing and run away
3 - Act like the smell was there before you
4 - Other (explain please)

Were does the fart go? There are no windows in an elevator. ???


Anonymous said...

4 - Other: Tell them Beano really doesn't work.

Brianna said...

The fart disapates (sp). LOL. I would say nothing and walk away casually as if I don't smell anything at all. Or if I'm lucky and the child was with me, I would say "it's time to change your diaper!"

katrina said...

LOL, Rayleen you ask the funniest questions. What I wanna know is...what was the catalyst for this question? Why are you asking, other then "getting to know you"?! LOL!

My answer is #3, and hope it dissipates (Brianna-I looked it up for ya and 'cause I didn't know either) before anyone else gets on! As my cousin says, "there's more room outside then there is in"!