Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's blue, not black

I started a new project tonight. Because I've been feeling down, fluish and generally a bit depressed, I chose something that would drive me even further into the depths of hell. HAHAHA. No, really, I thought the lace scarf would take my mind off things and would be a nice challenge. Well, tonight after knitting almost three inches, there was an unfortunate incident involving a dropped stitch and about two inches of lace. *sigh* Because the stitches were a bit complicated, I couldn't just pick up the dropped stitch. Instead I ended up frogging several rows, nay, a couple inches. And, each time I took apart a row another stitch would drop. It was bad.

Clearly I am insane as I took this on as a great challenge and continued on as if it was nothing. After about an hour I regained control of the situation and am now back to knitting.

Anyone want to make any bets as to whether or not I finish this?

1 comment:

Faythe said...

See, now at least with knitting you could stab something with the pointy needles and feel better. That's what I would do, anyway.

I think you will finish it, but it'll take you a year.