Friday, August 04, 2006


Hey, remember a month ago when I was complaining about my eye and it swelling up and sticking out past my actual eye lid? Well, it seems that was BAD! It seems I should have gone to the doctor then! Who woulda thunk?

These past couple weeks, my eye started to really hurt. It was red. Last week it developed stabbing pain. I was unintentionally winking at people. I thought, maybe it's just allergies? I'm a contact wearer, you know, it happens! I'm used to red eyes from grit n stuff. (Denial) So then, it gets worse. I switch out my contacts with a new set thinking maybe one of them has a rip in it. This morning I wake up and hello! Both eyes are red! GAH!

This is not my eye. Some days it looks like this, some days it doesn't.

So I went to an opthamologist. It appears I have a viral infection in my eye! And it's bad! In fact the opthamologist looked at my eye and then scooted backwards on his wheeled chair and said, "I haven't seen this in a long time!" He mumbled something about being highly contagious (it's a wonder I haven't infected everyone around me) and proceeded to write out two different eye drop prescriptions. He said he was giving me the double whammy. I have to go back next Friday to make sure it's not EKC, whatever that is (actually I'm afraid to know). At this point I just want it to go away. I hope it's not indicative of anything really serious. I like my eyes.

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