Tuesday, August 01, 2006

*about to have a cow* (or be one)



This morning I had a breakdown. I used the elliptical for a little while and then called Joël at work. As soon as I heard her voice, I started crying and mumbled a, "I am so fat!" Thank God for girlfriends who know how to soothe a fellow friend in mere seconds. Since my issues center around my weight, we agreed to work out a plan and hold each other accountable, even if we are separated by over a thousand miles. Each day we are going to email each other our list of food eaten including calories and fat.

So, after a quick outing involving a trip to Starbucks and Subway Sandwich, I returned home and started journaling my foods, etc. I looked up the nutritional info online and Oh.My.God. The venti Banana Cream frap I drank was... 700 calories!! NO THIS IS NOT A TYPO. I can't believe it! Obviously, I will not be getting this drink again.


On a side note, there is something very wrong with me. I went to a yarn store today and didn't buy any yarn! I know, that's what I was thinking!! Yes, I went through their entire collection and yes, I did see stuff I liked but I just didn't have it in me. Well, that and I have finally learned to not buy any yarn unless I know exactly what I'm making and how much I need. Shocker! I did buy a pattern though. It was $2.16, including tax. I think that's probably the least I've ever spent at a yarn store (other than those rare occassions I walk out empty handed).

I'm still thinking about that Banana Frap. I'm angry. Why 700 calories? WHY?? DAMN YOU, SUGAR!


Faythe said...

I think about that every time I get my Monday Mocha from my favorite coffee stand--it's a good thing I only buy it once a week! They should make diet versions with Splenda!!

katrina said...

Venti, soy, vanilla, Chai=460. :(

I feel ya, Rayleen! I'm sending nothin' but positive thoughts and prayers your direction!

I'm currently looking to move into a place that has a pool, so I can swim. They say you should do things that you like and will continue to do, so that's what I'm gonna do!