Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Car shopping! WEEEEEEE!!!

Aimee is in the market for a car and of course I had to put in my two cents as my Big Sister role implies and help her with her choices. Even though Aimee is over 1000 miles away, Apollo and I decided to go look at some cars for her after work today to "help her" with her choice. Of course, we jumped at the chance since we are still wound up from all the car shopping I did before I bought my car. :)

Here are Aimee's requirements (from what I understand):

1) Affordable
2) Great gas mileage
3) Looks at least a little bit cute
4) Not tiny like a Geo
5) Cool color (this might be hard) like yellow or orange
6) Long term warranty

I had to take the pictures without flash so they might be a bit fuzzy. I used Apollo for size gauge in all the photos. This is the Kia Rio we checked out.

So after some surfing, the first car Aim picked out for us to look at was the Kia Rio. It pretty much meets all the qualifications but...well, it was a little small for our tastes. I won't say too much about it cause I want Aimee to develop her own opinon. (HAHAHA!)

He had a tough time getting into the seat. The salesman had to help him adjust the seat. I thought he got stuck for a minute there. hehehehehe

Apollo's review from sitting in the car only: "It's small, the seats are uncomfortable, the arm rest is this wide (demonstrating) and my arm kept slipping off of it, the cup holders were in an awkward position. I had to reach back to get to them. It was almost like they were made for the person in the back seat."

You can see the arm rest here behind the cup holders. I'm sure the salesman thought I was weird for taking pictures.

I think this car does have the option of power seats. The model car didn't though. It had knobs that you had to roll to move the seat in either direction. Chad's Jetta has this same thing. ARGH! Anyway, I think it's a cute car that will serve its purpose. It will save you gas, looks cute and has a great warranty too. And you'll probably be able to get one at a great price!

On our way home we decided to swing by Toyota, being the Toyota lovers we are. Sure, whateverR, you can say we're biased. We took a peek in side the windows of the Corrolla, Yaris and Matrix.

This is the 2 door Yaris called the Liftback. I stopped dead in my tracks and started laughing at it, much to the chagrin of the car salesman. Sorry the picture is so terrible but I had to show you so you could share in my mirth! Doesn't it look like something you would see at a Disneyland ride?

We did get to sit inside the Yaris but didn't take any test drives of course (it was after 9PM) but I have to say, we were quite impressed with the 4 door Yaris! It was cute and sophisticated at the same time! I think it may cost slightly more than the Rio but we decided this is the car Aimee should buy. Hehe, yes Aimee, we made your decision for you. This is the car you want!!

Isn't it beautiful? I like the red too!

*drooling over car*

We noticed the inside of the car seemed to echo some of the Prius interior. Or is it just me? The dash is in a different place than usual and there's a cute cup holder just to the left of the steering wheel. Yeah, yeah, I know this isn't important. But if you're going to spend that much money on a car, you might as well enjoy the little details. The Yaris does not have power seats, neither does the Corolla. But it does have power windows if you choose that package.

Anyway, I think both cars are within the same price range. Sure, the Yaris might be a few dollars more but I honestly don't think it's that much.

Gee, so much for letting Aim form her own opinion, eh? *chanting* YARIS, YARIS, YARIS!


aimee said...

Well, those are great pictures! It really helps when I'm on the road in little towns and can't go look for myself.
From what I could see, they almost looked to be the same size... And I know you love the Yaris, but it doesn't come with A/C!!! What's up with that?!? And when I'm working down here in Roseburg, Medford, etc., I'm going to need it!!! And it gets pretty warm where I live too. It's the valley!
Anway, I like the Yaris but with the options... I might have to still go with the Rio.
But you've given me things to think about...

aimee said...

By the way, the whole color thing is a crapfest. NOBODY makes orange cars?!? Geez. Kia has a nice ice blue, but no "competition yellow" or anything. :(

Faythe said...

What's going to happen to Roger?!

Brianna said...

The Yaris comes standard with a/c :) (At least in California it does)