Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ouch :(

Tonight I was sleeping in bed making up for all the sleep I missed this last week when I was suddenly attacked by two nubbins of fury! Because Adonis is here and the cats are having a hard time adjusting to his presence, he gets fed in the kitchen and Simba and Zoe are fed in the bedroom. Why the bedroom? We lock them in afterwards so Adonis will have the run of the apartment.

Normally at this time I am driving to work (it's my day off, OMG), so I think Simba wasn't expecting me to be lying on the bed. When I moved, he freaked out and slapped me with both nubbins! It hurt like hell and woke me from a dead sleep! It's kind of funny because I can see the pattern of open paws and claws on my hip in two different areas. It would be funnier except it's burning right now. Anyway, Simba and Zoe are both hiding now. Apollo was chasing Simba around the apartment with a rolled up newspaper and you all know how Simba adores Apollo. I had Apollo stop because after all, Simba was afraid and he doesn't know what he did wrong. His feelings are hurt so he's hiding with Zoe in the closet.

I had over eight hours sleep already, let's see if I can get some more.

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