Thursday, July 06, 2006

Happy Birthday Apollo!

Today is Apollo's birthday. There was some confusion on our part on which day was his exact birthday. We've both become confused due to my strange work schedule. See, I get up today so I can work tomorrow. It's odd.

Anyway, today we went to Robinsons May, soon to be Macy's, where we had the intention of looking for some bling bling. Well, he was immediately attracted to the cologne counter and he never left it. I left to go look at the jewelry and when I came back, he was chatting it up with the cologne counter guy. They go way back (he goes way back with everyone). He excitedly waved a piece of paper spritzed with Unforgiveable by Sean John aka Puffy at me, his eyes glowing like a little kid with a new toy. Initially I accused him of wanting it because it's Puffy's cologne. But he and the cologne guy convinced me I was wrong. I was told all about how it's the number one selling cologne and how Puff collaborated with Estee Lauder to make this stuff.

He got the big bottle too because this man goes through cologne like crazy...he will practically shower in it! He can easily go through a decent size bottle of cologne in a month. But at least he wears it. :) Right now he's waiting for Tee to come home so he can brag about his new find. He and Tee are always competing over who has the best cologne.

BTW, for anyone who likes to shop, Robinson's May is having huge sales right now because they have to get rid of their RM inventory and replace it with Macy's inventory. If you're interested, head on over! I bought some shirts that were originally priced at $24 for only $6. So today was a good day for both me and Apollo. :)

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Faythe said...

Happy Birthday, Apollo! Did you get your steaks yet? I'm more excited about the steaks than I am about the cologne.