Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sausage King

Today was my last day of The Crazy Shift. I hope. We'll see. Yesterday one of the temps asked me if I was angry. I asked, why? He said, "You look angry." Apparently my sleepiness was causing me to glare some stink eye from hell.

Of course, the end of involuntary stink eye called for some celebration. (Stink eye should not be thrown around casually, it should be saved for special occassions.) I decided it was a good time to celebrate (and really, do you need an excuse to celebrate) so I picked up Apollo and we went to the Sausage King on Washington. Faythe and Ryan introduced me to this deli a few years ago and I'm so glad they did!

The Sausage King is an old German deli that also carries other various food items located at 811 Washington Street in San Diego near the Hillcrest area. The building is old and retro while the deli itself is sandwiched between a Mexican restaurant and a bar. Speaking of bars...

When we drove up to the front and parallel parked, we were greated with this message on the back of a pickup truck. "Kill Bin Ladden." There was a big gun in the back, or at least a replica, and some other various militant like stuffs.

Interesting. We both stopped talking when we saw it. The owner ended up coming out of the bar while we were feeding the meter, he looked harmless enough.

I studied German for a couple years but have forgotten most of it. But walking into this place today and listening to the customers and owners speaking Deutsch, it was like music to my ears. It almost made me want to take a German class just as a refresher course. I was even looking at the UCSD Extension site when it occurred to me that maybe I should take Spanish. It's not like many employers ask for German speaking people after all!

I apologize for the blurriness of the photos. I'm too embarassed to ask if I can take pictures and resort to the point and shoot sans flash method.

The shelves are filled with popular German treats. Gravy's, cookies, jellies, chocolate and more.

The deli isn't pretty. But the hanging sausages and links make up for it! It smells SOOO good!

Another customer deciding what he wants. There were so many options, it took us a while to figure out what we wanted. Of course, we didn't know what 3/4ths of it was.

They still use one of those old fashioned cash registers that throws up huge numbers indicating the price. You could tell they were practically pounding on it when adding up the order. Oh and if you stop by, they only accept cash. Though I could swear at one time I used a credit card.

Behold, our treasure! On the left is some Italian sausage of some sort. To the right is Linguica, a Portuguese pork sausage and on the bottom is a Polish sausage. The last two are already cooked. Apollo has planned, of course, to grill what he can. :)

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Faythe said...

I showed Ryan your Sausage King entry, and he practically slobbered all over the screen remembering all the good meats they have in the shop!