Saturday, July 15, 2006

Tint Devil

I got my car tinted on Wednesday. It looks a bit darker than it really is in the photo. I'm happy with it; the car is so much cooler on the inside. I don't even need to wear sunglasses all the time now since the light isn't reflecting off everything inside the car like it was before.

I went to Tint Devil in Miramar where I was treated very well. After researching tinters in the area and compiling a list of the top three favored in my area, I finally chose Tint Devil because they tint to the edge of the window. Some tinters leave a small space anywhere from a quarter to a half inch between the tint and the edge of the window. When quoting me a price, I wasn't pressured to get the most expensive tinting or a certain type. I was informed of the possibilities and got to take a look at the tinting before leaving the shop.

Anyway, just wanted to show off my baby. :)

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Yaya said...

"Looking dangerously good, as Dave would say!