Sunday, July 23, 2006

Eye can't see U

At least that's what Prince fans are saying regarding the NPG site that went down unexpectedly on the 3rd. Word on the street is there's some sort of copyright infringement lawsuit goin down. Anyway....back to me.

The electric companies encourage us here in Cali to use our major appliances after 7:00PM when it's hot out. Since the temperatures have been extremely high and it's been especially muggy, a lot of AC is being used. At 8:30PM tonight, we had a brown out. Some appliances worked, such as lamps, others didn't. Approximately 30 minutes later, all lights were out. We were in an official black out. The entire neighborhood went black, even intersections and the fire department. We saw the firemen walking with flashlights, though we assume they had some generators or backup resources.

Thank goodness I had just purchased a 20lb bag of ice and a bunch of soda. I pulled out some plastic ghetto cups, filled 'em with ice and along with the cans of soda and juice, headed to the street. It was just too hot to sit inside!

Several neighbors came out while Tee played music from his trunk. The guys had their beer and we ladies had diet soda and lemonade. It was ghetto-fabulous. All we needed to complete our party was a busted fire hydrant and some good old fashioned police haranguing ("You can't drink there!" "But it's private property and I own it, you must be new on this beat." "Well...nevermind then. Carry on.").

Oh, Ed came over with his half wolf/half German Shepard dog "Ash." See Ash?

Oh, I'm sorry, can you not see him? Squint. Still no go? I'm sorry, it must be because we had no power. My bad!

Here's an edited version.

Ash finally figured he could cool off by laying in a patch of grass (it's amazing he found one here in Land O Pavement). This was after he had consumed all the cat poop and other bits of food particles he could find, of course.

After one unsuccessful try involving flickering of lights and playing with our emotions, the lights were back on at midnight. I can handle not having a TV, my new Gamecube, the internets, etc. But without lights, I couldn't even read a book. I thought about knitting but had no desire to knit while hot and sticky. I was so freakin bored. Not to mention that half of you didn't even answer your phones!

Anyway, it's nice to finally have power again! And I promise, no more Prince-Speak.


Faythe said...

We had a short brown out up here in Spokane, too! It only lasted a few seconds, but it was enough to fry one of the power supplies for the laptop. Although we should be glad we don't live in Queens, where it's been hot and they haven't had power in 6 days!

aimee said...

Hm. No brown outs here... in fact, last night I thought I was going to pop a breaker. I was using the dishwasher, the dryer, the a/c, a fan and watching tv while nuking some beans.
(in my defense, that's not a typical thing for me to do)