Wednesday, July 19, 2006


I finished the back panel of Peanuts sweater. Except...well, I got to the part where it asked me to decrease and then I realized no, this isn't where the sleeves are going, this is the neckline!! ARGH!! Now I have to rip out several inches so I can knit in Peanuts name!

The only good part about knitting the entire panel (always trying to put a positive spin on things) is now I can see now big the panel is going to be and choose my lettering placement now.

Well, let the ripping commence.

update: 5 inches.


Yaya said...

Wow, her name too?! I am impressed... thank you god she has you to make her stuff instead of her mommy who only knews how to make scarves. Hehehehee! she is so lucky.

Faythe said...

I can't wait to see her name in the sweater, it's going to be SO CUTE! It's also refreshing to see you getting back to your frogging roots.

rayleen said...

LOL! Well I am FORCED to frog it. I don't even have a choice with this one. ARGH!

aimee said...

hmph. i would have just made the letters smaller. or sewed them on later in felt.