Monday, July 17, 2006

Stop the press! Zoe comes out of hiding

Zoe has been hiding in the closet for almost two days now. The Incident involving Simba and Adonis freaked her out so much, she went into hiding and refused to let anyone touch her.

When I got home today, Zoe was peeking out at me from the closet. It took about 30 minutes of coaxing and she finally came out. Since then she has been making up for lost time by running around and playing with Simba.

She's still pretty edgy. Whenever she hears an unexpected sound, she jumps and runs away. The unexpected sound may be someone deliberately scrunching a plastic bag. Or it may be a foot dragging across the carpet. Or even something thrown near her. It's no wonder she's has this nervous condition!

Some may accuse her of being paranoid. They may even be right. But I'm sure she has a good reason! Meanwhile, Faythe has suggested Zoe lay off the 'nip for a while. Sounds like a good plan to me!

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Yaya said...

Poor Zoe! :(